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Question: Rebounding or the real thing?

Dear Lounge Advice,

I met a guy about a month ago and really clicked with him and that would be an understatement. We have alot of the same interests and enjoy all our time together. Him and I spend as much time together as possible. He was on vacation for 10 days and works various hours, so it hasn't been everyday. The chemistry is unbelievable and everything seems to be great. My question is this: We both came out of relationships recently (within 2 months) that were serious and pretty intense. Are we both rebounding and gravitating toward eachother for the same reason? I just want to be sure that this is not a rebound relationship that is doomed from the beginning. Neither him or I were looking for a relationship when we met it was totally by chance. We have both expressed to eachother how much we are falling for one another. So the feelings are totally mutual. How do I be sure that this is the real thing?



Dear (Anonymous),

My husband and I started as a couple the literal day after I left my ex.
If you're having these intense feelings, go with your gut. Usually, rebound relationships are based on sex and the feeling of having a crush on someone. If you're feeling something out of the ordinary, don't question it.
The only way for you to know for sure if it's the real thing is to take a risk and stick it out. If you don't, you'll always look back and wonder "what if". Sometimes, our heads get in the way too much. If your heart if pulling you toward him, I'd follow. And if it doesn't turn out the way you wished, at least you knew you took that risk and found out, instead of carrying the burden of regret for the rest of your life. Playing it too safe can sometimes be even worse than taking a chance.
If you need a little inspiration, check out the lyrics to Natasha Bedinfield's "Unwritten". I use that song as an anthem to help me trust my heart in situations like this.
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