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Question: Blemishes- Large ones!

Dear Lounge Advice,

Have you ever been planning on going to an event and gotten really excited and made all the necessary plans: kids gone for the weekend, worked out, tanned, etc. etc. and then, being the adventurous person you are gotten a big red rope burn on your thigh and ass from jumping on a rope swing at the river?

Well, if you answered no, then how about anything similar where there is a big ugly mark on your body that is not pleasant to look at?

Okay, so my final question is; Do I still go to the event knowing that there will be lots of hot people there, perhaps staring at the ugly red line around my thigh, or do you I stay home and be shallow only thinking about the horrible mark that is wrapped around my leg?

I see so many amazing looking people, sometimes it's a bit daunting without the big red mark on my leg. But, it always ends up at every event that we have a blast and have so many new people to meet.

Somehow, I feel like you will probably say "Go anyhow"

Thanks in advance for your reply




Dear (Anonymous),

Dermablend is a lifesaver for these kinds of things!
Dancers use it to cover up tattoos and it covers just about anything. You can find it at most department stores. It's a bit pricy, but it lasts forever and blends in well with the skin!
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