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Question: One night encounter- no correspondence afterwards

Dear Lounge Advice,

My husband and I signed up just recently to this site. However in all the reading and advice I've seen in the forums and such have lead me to believe that most people won't talk to anyone that hasn't gotten the seal of approval yet. Which probably explains why a lot of our emails haven't been answered.

We did have one encounter, but they weren't willing to approve us afterwards for some reason. I guess the night didn't meet their expectations or something, even though the night did end in sex and I thought everyone left happy. They aren't exactly talking to us now, so I have no idea what we did wrong.

Any advice?



Dear (Anonymous),

I know I haven't been able to get to responding to the advice in a bit, so I see you now have your seal :) Congratulations!
Just hearing your side of the story on this, I can make some loose inferences. You may have just involved yourself with a couple who was only out for sex and not for any corresponding acquaintance/friendhsip relationship. That's bound to happen to the best of us, but don't let it bother you too much. Hopefully, in the future, people will state this to you. But don't count on it. The only thing you should aim for is making sure you have positive experiences. If the sexual fun develops into anything more than just a one-night stand, count it as a bonus.
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