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Question: Emotional attachments- I cannot handle my husband E.A. with another woman

Dear Lounge Advice,

We have been in the lifestyle for about a a year and a half. I have had several MFM encounters with my husband and other single males.
I do not have to get emotionally attached, it is erotc and exciting, certainly keeping them as caual friends

My Husband recently had an encounter with a single female and have met about 7 times now
2 without me but with my knowledge and the rest with me.
This has turned into a full blown relationship call her the "girlfiend" I guess.
daily texts, E-mails, calls, to either both of us or just my husbnad.
I found some secret E-mails on his computer yesterday to her and he knows I am feeling threatened so he did not show me.
They think i am overreacting, my husband said he would never leave me for her, jepordize our family etc. She does not want a relationship but they have this connection emotionally and sexually they cannot help.
I am feeling so out of control. My husbnad says if we cannot see her anymore we will quit the lifestyle. He has to have emotional attachment when he plays with someone, I do not.
I need advice, should I let this go on? will it be the end of my marriage?



Dear (Anonymous),

This is a dangerous line you are both crossing by allowing this to continue.
I strongly feel that you both need to sit down and talk about your main goals in this lifestyle. If you are both out just to have sexual adventures, then the emotional attachment could be very counterproductive to your goals.
If you are feeling this insecure, this has gone past the normal feelings that go with swinging.
Please look at my profile. LL has a licensed professional profile, COUNSELING, who is here to help out in these types of situations. You should seek out his advice immediately in order to help alleviate some of what you are going through right now. This will be your best resource on LL. Please don't hesitate to contact him!
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