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Question: Scarring- Will people look at me differently?

Dear Lounge Advice,
I read the advise letter about the breast scars. Made me want to ask about other scars. I have a large one, from having skin removed after losing lots of weight. All the pictures of women on here are so gorgeous and sexy. I am afraid since I am shy about showing some parts of my body, it will detour people from wanting to meet us. I wonder if everyone on here is wanting perfection, or except peoples flaws, if they are still good looking and sexually confident. Is that a weird question?



Dear (Anonymous),

It's a very normal question!
First, congratulation on losing weight. You must feel so much healthier, and maybe happier ;)
If someone doesn't want to meet you because you don't show a certain part of your body, you have just automatically screened out people who aren't your type.
Some people are here seeking certain physical standards. Everyone's standards vary. Some people are more particular than others.
When I say particular, it doesn't mean that everyone is seeking physical perfection. If that was the case, I'd be out because of the humugous scar covering the left side of one of my breasts from botched surgery.
I don't minf if that turns someone off. If that's the case, that's certainly not someone I would want to meet anyways.
Yes, it makes me self-conscious sometimes, just like you feel a bit insecure.
There are many people who could care less about scarring. These are the type of people that you need to focus on.
You're a very pretty woman, and worrying about scars is only going to dampen your enjoyment of finding people who appreciate you as a whole, not just one perceived flaw.
I've had to follow this very advice on my lifestyle journey too :)
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