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Question: Watching- Hubby isn't turned on by watching me with other men

Dear Lounge Advice,
We're a healthy hetero couple basically in the lifestyle to promote healthy fun for our long term relationship. We've kept it to three somes with other bi-females (either single or in relationships) I'm ready to spread my wings (er legs) and play with some of the men. My husband claims to be okay with this on an intellectual level as he plays alone with other women and - turnabout is fair play after all.
He is not turned on by watching me with other men. I, on the other hand, enjoy watching him give/receive pleasure from hot women. How do I get him to open up his mind to enjoy watching me...or...is it just a lost cause that should send me into a private area with a new partner. If he liked watching he may even learn a thing or two!
Perplexing, eh?



Dear (Anonymous),

How about this- Ask him to humor you just once and watch you with another man just one more time. If he still insists that it does nothing for him, let the issue rest. My hubby is the same way- he could care less about watching me with someone else. It doesn't turn him on. If he's not a part of the action, he gets bored, even when I'm playing with another woman. Yeah, weird, but that's the way it is with our guys I suppose.
If it's not his thing, don't pressure him to change. You'll probably want to consider just having your fun without him watching, if you're okay with this compromise.
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