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Question: Planning conception and considering continuation in the LS

Dear Lounge Advice,

I have recently turned forty and I have never had a baby. My biological clock is really starting to tick pretty loud. I always thought we would have children, but we have always put it off. Now, we are running out of time, so we decided to just get off the pill and just see what happens.

My husband and I have been in the lifestyle for quite a while and have really enjoyed our experiences. When I told him I did not think I should be have sex with anyone else, since I was off the pill, he seemed disappointed. I want to be sure he is the dad, if I do get pregnant. Not only that, but there are health risks to an unborn baby. Right?

I am not really sure what advice I am looking for, but I guess I just wanted someone else's point of view.

Biological Clock Ticking



Dear (Anonymous),

I'm backing you up on your thinking on this one. This is a very important consideration and you are thinking wisely.
Even if you do decide to stay in the lifestyle and continue to play with condoms, you still run the risk of contracting an STD. Naturally, this is something about which you'd always be cautious, but with conception of a child, the consequence of contracting something could have direct effects on a pregnancy.
Talk to your hubby about the risks and involved and see if these risks are worth it. This is all you both really need to do- just talk.
If having a child has become your priority, then all other things should be put in perspective. Besides, the lifestyle isn't going anywhere. Putting this on hiatus doesn't mean that it will be gone forever. Perhaps he can compromise by being patient and realizing that it won't be a lasting decision.
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