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Question: Unsure of why my BF is with me

Dear Lounge Advice,

My boyfriend and I have been having an incredible time in the lifestyle...He had always wanted to be envolved but I was the only woman he was dating who was open to this and two years later we have met incredible people and travel all over to lifestyle resorts. Just returned from the most romantic time at Desire Cancun and have many future plans....How do I find out if the only reason he is with me is because I am open to this? He just told his exgirlfriend that I was meaningless...not sure what to think...Any advise? Please?



Dear (Anonymous),

You can find out through observing his actions and interactions very carefully.
You can find out by putting forth a hypothetical situation in which you express that you may not always be open to staying in the lifestyle. Gauge his response and make inferences from there.
Or, you can do the very best thing by just engaging him in meaningful conversation. If you just stick to wondering about his intentions, your imagination may take you to the wrong places.
Communicate your feelings to him. Any good relationship is based on being able to talk openly.
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