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Dear Lounge Advice,

We are kinda new to the lifestyle and completly new to lifestyle bar meets we have attended one had alot of fun but did not hook up. We were like deers in the headlights and did not know how to tell people do you guys want to go to our room and fuck because that is what we are looking to do. So how can we express our intentions without turning anyone off and seeming pushy?



Dear (Anonymous),

First, it's best if you mingle with those who itnerest you. Make smalltalk and watch their response to you and pay careful attention to their body language. That says a lot.

If they seem like they're interested, you can say something like this "We're going up to our room soon to have a couple more drinks and a nightcap. If you'd like, you're welcome to join us". If they hesitate, just tell them that the offer is open, and give them your phone number or room number. Tell them what time you plan on leaving the bar so they can come find you before you leave.
As long as you ask only once and don't persist, you won't be acting pushy.
But, if you never muster up the courage to at least ask, you'll never know what you may miss. Some of the other couples are probably feeling the same way you are. So don't be afraid to approach the subject, because they too may be unsure of how to approach the subject.
The worst that could happen is that you get a 'no thanks'.
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