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Question: Not getting many hits- What should we do to improve our chances?

Dear Robyn,

We've been members for a little over 6 months. We've had some experience in the lifestyle, but we're not getting much response to our "feelers" and we're a bit uneasy about attending a party and not knowing anyone. I'm concerned that our profile name is too goofy and turns people off, but it's totally true and we're being really honest about ourselves. What do you think? What should we do to improve our chances.




Dear (Anonymous),

I'm going to be perfectly candid with you. It's not necessarily your profile name, in my honest opninion. I do think that you should take more pictures of yourselves. The photos in your real seal section are nice- classy and sexy. I don't beleive that your front pic on your profile is doing either of you justice.
This advice sounds ridiculously superficial, but the first look is usually the 'bait' that gets people to look further into your profile. There are people who don't read the profiles. They merely look at the pictures to make their decisions. Afterall, it is a sex site, above all.
That being said, I think you should consider putting one of those real sealed pics up as your primary photo for your profile. Keep the photo you currently have and rotate it into another slot. I love the silly pics of couples, but I think they're best left in other spots of the album.
The initial pic should be the 'come and get us', sexy 'hook' into the profile.
Check out some of the profiles here to get a feel for what I mean.
I'm NOT advocating putting on a face that is not indicative of you both. Don't ever stray from who you are. Just keep in mind that certain presentations get the job done more effectively.

And for the record, I like your profile name. ;)
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