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Question: Booty Call- What is the etiquette?

Dear Lounge Advice,

There was a Booty Call posted for "meet for happy hour". This was the first time we had ever responded to a B/C but the couple appeared attractive, fun, and lived not too far from us, so we thought it may be a nice way to meet people. It was not a "red" B/C, so we had no expectations. We send a nice note and were getting really excited to have a fun night out and meet new friends. But....nothing. No response, even a "no". I checked their profile and it did not say "expect a no-reply as a no" as I have seen in other profiles. Doesn't that seem rude? Or am I expecting too much that people be courteous? Are they maybe other agendas to B/C that we don't know about because we are new?Thank you for your time. We are still learning the rules. Regardless, we are going to go out and have a great time...who knows who we may meet!

Thank you so much!

PS: I thought about posting this as a poll in the Forum, but that can be a dangerous place.



Dear (Anonymous),

Well, it's hard to assume what may have happened on their end. You may be correct- they may not have responded because they may not have been interested. Even if a non-reply means that they're not interested, it may not say this in the profile. Do I agree with this approach? No. But, it is a way that people deal with non-interest.
And yes, I hate to say it, but don't ever expect people to be polite. Unfortunately, rudeness is something we have to expect in all walks of life.

If this wasn't the case, they may have already accepted a Booty Call from someone else and didn't mean to slight you. With Booty Calls, if the member gets hooked up and forgets to remove the call, it will stay there for a certain period until their BC session expires, or is removed by an administrator.

Whatever happened, don't let it deter you. You have the right attitude. Just move on and have a good time!
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