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Question: CMT Services- Should this be offered here?

Dear Lounge Advice,
This is a topic I have wrestled with since joining the site.
It is the issue of males advertising their professional status as a CMT Certified Massage Therapist.I am refering to the use of CMT in their screne name and offering massage in booty call. This is thechnically illegal and they are VERY well aware of it and need to be called on it.
While studying sports medicine, I taught classes at world renowned institute for massage therapy.
For 16 years we fought in that state to legitimize the profession which was constantly compared to and confused with prostitution. The escort service ads in the yellow pages placed next to Massage Therapy advertising did not help this dilema.
If someone wants to provide massage,Fine,But using their professional title on a sex site to entice people (mostly women) is unethical.
ALL of the certified massage schools in the world are obligated to screen people(mainly men) for their motives in attaining a certificate to protect the integrity of the profession.
The actof hiding behind a CMT title to ease ones way into getting sex can be very preditorial and is starting to be a trend. Maybe it's not always the case, but it's looks might suspicious to me and is WRONG. I can name members who are doing this on a regular basis. I am asking they be adresses and informed they can be reported.
Even though this is a private site they are accountable for their actions.
They do state they are offering "sensual" massage but lets get real. this is a sex site and there are naked bodies on a table. I doubt we are just rubbing muscles.
People can argue that we are adults and have a right to choose and decide. True, that is well and good.
If they just offer massage that's one thing but the professional edge is like a HOOK. It's like waving money in front of someone. Too tempting for some vulnerable women who may exersizae poor judgement and ina moment of deep relaxation get more than a massage.
I am merely asking that it be against the rules to use the CMT title. MD's can't use their and trade services just like mechanics, hairdressers or anyone else. Since it's sexual in nature, I think it's just too shaky off an area to mess with.
Please pass this on to Admin an donly post at your discretion.



Dear (Anonymous),

Will do!
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