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Question: Same room rule- broken

Dear Lounge Advice, my wife and I have a Same Room Rule..I feel she broke that rule this past weekend when we hosted a couple at our home and I was downstairs getting breakfast for everyone. The other couple's Mrs. was in the shower at the time. I learned of this a few minutes after it happened in casual conversation like it was no big deal..which I guess it wasn't to the other Mrs. Same room = Same house if that house is your own?

Appreciate very much any input/wisdom you have on this.





Dear (Anonymous),

You and the Mrs. need to sit down and talk about this. If this was a rule, and it was broken, then it obviously needs to be discussed again. You both need to re-establish your rules and boundaries. You also need to make it clear that if it happens again, perhaps you both need to rethink your participation in the lifestyle. Please be firm about this. Everyone screws up sometimes, but it needs to be known that it will not happen again.
Talk about it soon- do not let this linger.
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