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Question: After the breakup- how to handle being at the same venues

Dear Lounge Advice,
How to you handle the after the break up?

Quote: Cheaters will always be cheaters. Players will always be players. He has been caught with smoking gun in hand… You had it, can’t take it any more. From promises you’re the only one in my life; to I wanted to make you my wife. You walk out of the relationship of 3 years. Now how to deal with him in the same life style? He is the kind of person that will flaunt, strut, insult and try to hurt in you using other people. I tried for 3 months after the break up to be friends. That failed. I have made it very clean I do not want any contact, or association with him. There will be a time that he will be at same “party” public or privet events. I don’t want to leave because I don’t want a confrontation with him. I understand we both have a right to be there. Any ideas, thoughts and or how to handle someone like this??
Wanting to move on and be happy.



Dear (Anonymous),

I've been in the very same predicament.

Hold your head high and do everything you would normally do even if he weren't around. You have to go on living your life the way you want to live it. Do not allow his presence anywhere to change your course of action. Even if it affects you inside, you cannot allow him to see that it affects you. You left him to have a better life. So go lead it.
He may try to push your buttons, but you will just shrug him off. Just pretend that he doesn't even exist, because at this point of your life, he shouldn't exist anyways.
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