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Question: My date made me wait for 2 hours w/no apology

Dear Lounge Advice,

I recently was kept waiting over 2 hours by my single male date for a holiday mansion party. I bought the Cristal, the food, and waited. And waited. He was the one who wanted to meet early so we could get to know each other better before the event, then showed up just shy of midnight!

Rude enough, but not only did he never apologize in person and tried to make a "joke" out of it, he then proceeded to get mad at me for being angry and snubbed me the entire night.

Should I have been as rude as him and refused to go to the party when he appeared, since it didn't matter to me if I went or not at that point?

Besides finishing the champagne yourself (!), what would you have done?? thanks ; )



Dear (Anonymous),

Nah- Why let that spoil your fun. You went to the party and enjoyed what was left of the night.
However, if it was a party that required a single male to be excorted, it would have served him right for you to refuse to go.

What an ass. I'm sorry you had to deal with this.

Never stoop to anothers' level if you can help it though ;)
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