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Question: Red bumps on my backside- How to eradicate

Dear Lounge Advice,

I have the dreaded ass pimples and I have no idea how to eradicate them. I love doggy-style, but it ain't happening with red bumps all over my ass.

I generally have very dry skin so I'm not sure if they're actually acne or some kind of dry skin rash.

Any advice?!?



Dear (Anonymous),

It could be either, but I'm betting that it's acne. It's not all that uncommon.
What if you invested in the ProActive products and used them combat that? It certainly couldn't hurt.
Or, if you shave around that area, you could use Bikini Zone gel to apply after you shave. Just don't get that on your more sensitive areas.
Sometimes a couple of visits to the tanning bed helps to mask blemishes too.
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