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Question: Did I violate a 'length of playtime' rule?

Dear Lounge Advice,

We're new to the LS and have been having a lot of fun at parties. At the last one, I was playing with a woman I'd played with a time before, and we lost track of time, and played for quite a while. Both of our partners were totally okay with this, but my partner noticed a man standing at the foot of the bed getting impatient and annoyed with me. I was too involved with playtime I didn't notice anything at all, but after wards I starting picking up on some attitude from him. There wasn't any drama or a scene, just some off the cuff comments from him towards me I easily brushed off. While my partner and I were having our post party recap conversation, she informed me that he was waiting for his turn with the woman, which I had no idea she had anyone waiting at the time. Did I violate some kind of common party etiquette regarding length of playtime with any one person?



Dear (Anonymous),

No, you didn't. You aren't a mind reader.
All he has to do is ask if he could cut in.
He was the dingbat who didn't speak up for his turn ;)
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