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Question: Getting past the hurt

Dear Lounge Advice,
What to do with an X who can not deal with what he did. He cheated he got caught and I left him. I blocked him from my profile. Only to have him to still be able to see that I am on line! EEKKK He is making me crazy trying to win me back. I love him, but he will never change. I dont want to be hurt any more. Better to be single then to keep geting hurt. To the point I am angry and just need to have breathing room. I end up geting very mean things I dont mean only so he would leave me alone. How can I protect myself from him? I want a life and be able to have the same freedom he is enjoying. What can I do??



Dear (Anonymous),

Go your own way and stop acknowledging his efforts. If you continue to give him ackonwledgement, he will keep hope and pursue you. If he sees you online, it's not a big deal. Get on with your life and let him deal with the consequences on his own.
If you continue to dwell on this, you cannot move forward.
If you're always looking behind you, you cannot see the wonderful things in front of you. Most likely, you will trip and fall.
Move forward and live your life. You deserve this.
His transgressions should not hinder you from doing this anymore. He will have to work this out by himself.
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