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Question: Soulmate or swinging?

Dear Lounge Advice,

i am so sad and lost because i just spent 6 dedicated years with my hottie that i thought was my soulmate but i think i need to leave her but cant stand to be without her and i have to find anoher true love bi swinger hottie that excepts me for being obsessed in sex and fealing good while mking others feel good. Trisha was doing good little by little but go hut and jeleos when i got with othr girls and even worse if i enjoyed her. so i started getting guys to join us to please her and i started little by little turning bi and now love cock too. i love to see her happy and smile and getting off but she hurts crys and now getting vilent when we get close to plying with someone else. i refuse to cheat on my own so i have been without sex for about 6 months and i wish i could just be with her to make it work but i am a swinger and enjoy sex like an art and cant be with one person my whole life faithfull. what do i do walk away from the girl i gave everyhing to or stay and give up on my dreams needs wants and fun to be with her? and why does it hurt her to see me happy and having fun when i feel complete when i make her happy. sad lost horny and lonely

troyboy swinger and party of one



Dear (Anonymous),

This is simple to me.
You have what you call a soulmate. If she is indeed a true soulmate, then you've found something very rare.
To me, a soulmate is so much important than the need to hop in the sack with others.
But, hey, you have to have priorities, right?
If your priority is to fool around with multiple people instead of spending your life with a rare and wonderful person...
Well, then that's your choice.
Which one do you need more? Do you need someone who completes you, or do you need more than one someone to get you to completion?
Whatever is most important to you wins. But you had better decide quickly. This woman has invested six years of HER life in you. If you drag this out any more, you're doing her a huge injustice.
It's time to decide, but she deserves to move on if she's not as important to you as your insatiable sex drive.

Good luck finding another soulmate, "bi swinger hottie". Should be an easy find, right?
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