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Question: I think he just cares about what he wants, and not whats good for both of us.

Dear Lounge Advice,

I have this little problem that I hope you can help me with. I'm bi-curious and hubby is stright. The last threesum we had was a total bomb. How can I say this, I thought every one would play with everyone you know what I mean. well it did not happen that way, my hubby played with her, I playd with her,she got off. but when it came to me I was left out in the cold, and just got f**k dry. Than when me and my hubby got I try to talk to him about what I felt and what I thought should of happen. Well, to make a long story shot He got mad at me and told me that if thats the way I feel that he would find someone else to do it with. The thing is I just told him that I needed him and her to play with me too. He said that was my problem that I didn't get off and the next time That I should just play by myself to get off.

I think he just cares about what he wants and not whats good for both of us. My question is What I'm I surpose to do? if I put my foot down and not do it with him he will leave me, and If I do it like the way he wants to do it I don't think I will be able to stay with him. So I need some kind of advice. Thank you.



Dear (Anonymous),

We are torn between what we want to really tell you to do... and what is the best advice for you.

First of all we want to tell you that we feel for you... this sounds like a horrible position to be in.

Maybe you should try being with another couple rather than just another female so that there will be some attention paid to you too.. but based on what you are describing here... we will go out on a limb and guess that he would not think too highly about that idea.

Sounds to us like you guys have some issues to overcome that go way beyond these lifestyle situations and you are probably better off speaking with a marriage counselor than just us here.

If you are that unsure of what to do.. here is an exercise that might help you....

Remove yourself from the situation... Pretend for a moment that you are ZacnZoey and read the situation and the question carefully....

What advice would you give if it were someone else asking you and you were not involved? What would you say to your best friend?

The best advice we can give you is that if it looks like shit... feels like shit.. and smells like shit... chances are... it is !
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