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Question: Breaking the ice

Dear Lounge Advice,
What is the best way to break the ice and get things going when meeting a new couple or friend for the first time?



Dear (Anonymous),

If you're speaking of just getting the interaction going upon the initial meeting, that's easy.
Great conversation starters usually begin with experiences from the site on which you met each other. Talk about how long you've been there, how you got there and share you interesting anecdotes.
If it's breaking the ice for playtime, usually the girls can do this easiest if they are both bisexual. One girl can initiate the flirting and touching with the other, and it usually goes from there.
Even if it's not a girl-girl scenario that is possible, the woman is the best one to make a first move.
Another good way of initiating action is by getting flirty and touchy with your own partner. While you do this, you can read the reaction of the other person(s) and watch their body language for signs of interest.
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