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Question: Vaginal odor- What to do if the other women seems unfresh

Dear Lounge Advice,

What do you recommend doing when you go down on a hot girl and she has a "smell" that you are not really liking? Should you bail out being truthful? I am assuming this would cause all kinds of trouble!




Dear (Anonymous),

This might be a que to take them into 'shower show' mode. You don't even have to tell them. Just let her know that you're really into wet play and drag her in the shower. If she opts out, say something to this effect:

"I've been dancing/moving around all night and I want to wash off to make sure I'm lickable"

Of course, augment this statement to fit your situation. This is meant to alert her to follow your example. This usually works.

It's best to use this line before any play happens at all. This way, it doesn't come to crunch time when you have to use the line, thus making her aware that perhaps the statement was a 'hint' to her.

Or, if she won't go for that, do the finger test for her. Swipe your fingers firmly through the offending area and and stealthily bring your fingers to her face. Tell her you think it's hot when a woman tastes herself.
This will serve two purposes. First, it will hopefully give her a chance to both smell and taste what she's offering.
Second, it will take you away from going down on her. Then, if she doesn't take this hint, you can shy away from going back down there. You can continue play, but not do that to her. If she's oblivious, then she can just go down on you, or you can do something else.

If it gets to the point where she still insists on you doing the deed to her, then you'll have to break the news gently. You can just approach it gently from a 'one girl to another' stance.
Tell her that you've had this issue and sometimes you're oblivious to it as well (lie if you have to) and that you would love for the other person to tell you if it was you.
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