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Question: Suspected spousal abuse

Dear Lounge Advice,
Please post this in the Forum anonymously. We KNOW that couple we will be talking about here is not on this site, but in case they join in the near future, we’d rather they did not recognize themselves.
We are asking for everyone’s advice. Some time ago we met a couple through another site. They seemed nice enough while we had a phone conversation and we set up a meeting in person. Everything went fine and we had a good time with them – drinks, play etc. BUT, you knew there will be a “but”, right?
At one point, we were talking about one local party and Mr. mentioned that he did not like that at that party one of the other guests tried to get his wife’s phone number. Soon after he said it, he went to the bathroom, and while he was there, Ms. quietly told us that
1 he misunderstood what happened, as she was just saying good bye to one of the girls there and at the same time one of the other guests was texting on his phone
2 on the way from that party, Mr. beat her up and threw her out of the car
(she actually showed us her scars from this, so we are pretty sure she is not making this up.)
In fact, her exact words were “If I was not in **** (name of our city), I would not have stayed with him” -- They are newlyweds, she recently moved from another state and does not really know anyone here.

Now, here is our question. Of course we know that we will never see this couple again. But, should we alert someone to this? What is clearly happening here is spousal abuse. Is there any way we can help? As you can guess, we don’t know their last names or address etc. Thanks.



Dear (Anonymous),

It's in the forums.

Hopefully someone will address the actual question soon.
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