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Question: After 11 weeks, we found out that they have multiple rules

Dear Lounge Advice,
We have been seeing/playing with a couple exclusively for over 11 weeks, pretty much every weekend. Just last week for the first time we experienced some drama with them when the other Mrs. picked my Mrs. up and went to a class together. Apparently they have a rule that the other Mrs. is not to engage in any contact with me without her Mr. being there. Although we have played in separate rooms, etc. Would have been nice to know...

My question is, now they are telling us (and I quote) "we have about 18 rules we need to discuss with you, although with you guys we can throw about half away!"

I think this is a bad sign and we should consider ending it (what else are they not telling us?), while my Mrs. thinks this is no big deal.

After 11 weeks, now they have rules? Shouldn't they have discussed these rules with us up front?



Dear (Anonymous),

Yes, they should have discussed this with you up front. You should mention this to them.

I wouldn't be so hasty about ending relations with them. They did make a mistake, yes. Hopefully, if you are willing to point out that these rules should have been outlined at the outset of your sexual relationship, they will realized this for future reference.
Sit down with them and listen to their boundaries. If you are okay with everything they outline, don't throw the relationship away.
If their 'rules' are a bit too stringent for you, leaving you feeling like you're walking on eggshells, you may want to move on.
Don't discard them so quickly. Give them a shot at this, then make an education decision.
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