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Question: Should we ask them if there is a problem?

Dear Lounge Advice, Me and my wife met a couple and hit it off great both in bed and out of bed. But, things have cooled off alot like to the point of them not chatting or talking to us at all we really do like these guys and want to stay in touch. My question is do you think it is crazy if we ask them if there is a problem ? Or should we just move on ?




Dear (Anonymous),

I don't see a problem with just asking politely if they're still interested in keeping the vibe alive.

Sometimes, people just want to get to hit it off in and out of bed, but once you have slept together, it's time to move on. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach on others' part. But, I think that you have every right to see if they still want to pursue some more of this type of fun, or if they just wanted the one time experience with you.

Don't ask if there is a problem. Tell them that there was a great feeling between all of you, and that you'd love to keep that going. But, also let them know that if they don't want to take it any further, that it's cool too. Express that you enjoyed the time together, no matter what the outcome is.

Either way, I wouldn't take this personally, no matter what the response is. Just respect what they have to say, no matter what.

The only time I would have a problem with hitting it off with someone and not hearing anything more is when they adamantly voice that they want to continue to build a friendship, but disappear without a word otherwise.
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