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Question: Having trouble meeting people

Dear Lounge Advice, hello, we have been into the lifestyle for a few years. However we seem to have alot of trouble meeting people. We have been to the parties, the meet and greets. But nothing, wallflowers we always end up. Persons that speak to you/us one week say nothing the next. I've noticed this with a few couples. I don't feel we are a bad looking couple. Just a little dissappointed. We have tried the active approach, How do we fix and alter this. Hopefully you have some tips for us.



Dear (Anonymous),

You have to continue using the active approach. Sometimes people get social ADD with a large mixture of acquaintances, prospectives and socializing around them. I sure do. So if it seems that someone is talking with you one week and not the next, it may not have anything to do with you. It may simply be a case of their attention being diverted elsewhere. Go up to them anyways and engage in conversation. Some people may be the types that operate more comfortably with people coming to them. If you relagate your role to wallflower after a short attempt at active socialization, it will only hurt you in the long run. Be constantly active in your approach.
You don't want to risk having a reputation as 'those people' who don't seem approachable.
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