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Question: Testimonial- Should I leave it up for someone who stood me up?

Dear Lounge Advice,

Seems I'm running across a problem I never thought I'd encounter in the Lifestyle - I keep getting "stood up"!

I'm an attractive and selective single female. I had been with one single male twice, wrote each other glowing testimonials, then he was almost 4 hours late one evening, then never showed on the next late night date - no text, not even a message in the morning!

I deleted his testimonial and he went ballistic. I gave it back, but told him if he ever stood me up again without cancelling at a decent time I'd have to reconsider.

Of course, I've never heard from him again.

Do I delete the glowing testimonial I gave him?(on the grounds, why should i submit any other girl to the same abuse?)
Is being "stood up" a problem in the lifestyle??

Thanks ; ) me



Dear (Anonymous),

Being stood up in the lifestyle is NOT a prevalent problem for most- especially single females. This one guy sounds like a tool, and YES, you need to rescind the testimonial if it no longer applies.
Given his crappy behavior, I wouldn't dream of allowing him to keep it on his profile. He probably just got upset because a testimonial from a sexy single female is a kind of 'trophy' for some. I doubt he actually cares much about how you feel about him. I'd hedge a bet that he just wants that testimonial so he can look good to others. But, if you leave that there, others will be misled and possible be put through what you have experienced.

Yank it.

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