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Question: Is it time for us to quit?

Dear Lounge Advice,

We're really getting nowhere with meeting anyone through the site. In the last six months we've probably sent out 30 notes with a short 'hi, we like your pix' sort of thing and maybe something about their profile that really stood out for us. We've gotten a couple of encouraging responses but in all cases the whole thing evaporated the moment we suggested meeting.

It seems maybe there's something about our profile that's not working and honestly we're starting to wonder if it's really more that we're looking a bit too old or out of shape compared to most of the others in our area to be doing this anymore. We would love some candid feedback from someone who doesn't know us and might be willing to tell it like it is. We can handle it. One of the most important things is knowing when to quit. We're starting to wonder if it's time to do just that.




Dear (Anonymous),

Nobody said this was supposed to be easy ;)

We go through the same thing too. Sometimes it's location, sometimes it's a matter of not having a four-way attraction, and sometimes people may be distracted by other goings-on in life.
Actually, your age and appearance don't seem to be a detriment. I've looked at your pictures and your profile. You could use a few more photos of him, because the ones you currently have only show his face and not the rest of the package.
As a woman, I want to see what I'm getting in the deal before I agree to meet.
Currently, I feel that this is your biggest setback. In the meantime, keep sending out notes to others as you have been doing. We have found that when we're persistant enough, we can find a match, even with the smaller population that our particular region offers.
It's not time to quit. I've seen many successful people swinging for years on end, without regard to age or perceived appearance. If you get down on yourselves, this will become a self-fulfilling propechy for you.

Get more pictures of him and keep plugging.
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