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Question: Is charging for a private swinger party legal?

Dear Lounge Advice,
Please help us..

Is having a private swinger party and charging for it legal?



Dear (Anonymous),

If you do not own a business license and you are not in an area zoned for business (i.e. residential area), then it is not legal to charge. If you are serving alcohol, then you must have a liquor license. If you are caught doing this, you could be in a heap of trouble.

Now, I do know of people that have had residential swinger parties and have asked for optional donations. While this may seem like a loophole to circumnavigate the law, it is still a percarious situation in which to place yourselves.

In our hometown, someone was taking 'donations' for entrance into their private residence for parties. The authorities found out, and it became public knowledge and they are facing charges for running a business out of their residence.

I'd be VERY careful about this. If you must, let people know that you'd be appreciative if they wanted to throw in some money to help cover costs, but that it is NOT madatory.

Don't put yourself at risk.
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