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Question: Honeymoon stage and wondering how to handle it

Dear Lounge Advice,

how can I cut in on a session my hubby is having with another woman when I feel the strong need to reconnect with him?
We are very new to the Lifestyle and I still get this anxcious feeling when I see him so involved with another woman.
It's difficult for me to stay away from him even though I do enjoy spending some time with another man.
However I still feel like I am in my honeymoon stage with my husband and am just way more into him than anyone else.
Should I wait my turn to reconnect with him or what are other options for me to help me relax more in these situations.
Perhaps I should try seperate rooms but I am afraid I'd go nuts not being close to my husband.
I do have difficulty sharing him I guess but I know how much he enjoys it and it makes him enjoy and appreciate me so much more when I let him play.



Dear (Anonymous),

Do NOT try separate rooms. You are just starting out, and given your current feelings, separate room swap will do nothing to help this situation. You will not enjoy the man you are with. Rather, your imagination will run wild, wondering what your husband is doing with the other woman. You already feel shaky about him with other women at this point. Having this out of view will drive you nuts.

You need to at least stay on the same bed if you are swapping. Stay close enough to establish physical contact if you feel the urge. Talk to your husband about a signal. If you wish to reconnect with him, a firm squeeze of the hand of some other subtle signal should be discussed and agreed upon by both of you.

For us, it is a squeeze and pull of the hand. That indicates that one of us needs to say to our swap partner "I want to go please my spouse for a little bit". You need not 'wait your turn'. You are his wife, and when you decide that it's your turn, it is your turn. As long as you are not outwardly rude to your play partners, you are entitled to to take a break and reconnect with your husband.

Communication, whether verbal or non-verbal, should be constant and mutual. Stay physically close to each other in your honeymoon stage. Given time and experience, you can augment your comfort levels and branch out.

But for now, just talk to each other and stay in each others' site.
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