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Question: Profile review- What are we doing wrong?

Dear Lounge Advice,
We have been on this site for years now and have worked hard on our profile, from our pictures to our profile answers. We have sent numerous emails to different couples and have had some responses. Our membership expires in three days and we are frustrated with what seems to be flakey people. So our question or concern is this; are our pictures not good enough or did we write the wrong things. Would you please look our profile over and let us know before we just call it quits on this whole ll deal? We know we arenít porn stars but feel we are of average looks and according to our rating we have 4 stars and 37 people on our wishlist. Any advice would be appreciated.



Dear (Anonymous),

Your profile is well done- plenty of pictures and great text.
The only hindrance I could see is that you are both young when compared to the average lifestyle age on this site. However, that's a minor issue that not everyone will look at.
As for looks, everyone has their own preferences, so I can't necessarily speak for others on how they perceive you physically. If you have a rating of 4 stars, you're certainly beating the average ;)
How aggressive are you being? I have found that if you are the one to pursue initially, that you have to keep pursuing that couple.
If they write back to you with interest, ask if they would like to meet and take the lead.
It is often not enough to just open up the correspondence then expect for something to happen. Try being more aggressive after you get that initial 'hook' into an interested couple.
If you are doing this, and still haven't found success, you may want to try another site and see how your results compare. Perhaps a site with more members in your area would be a better bet.
We certainly don't want to see you leave, but it is an option to try if you're seeking to find more success.

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