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Question: Looking to sublet condo to an LL single female

Dear Lounge Advice,
I posted this also on Forum General Lifestyle Discussion topics -would obviously like your advice as well.
I would like to sublet the other bedroom private bath in my condo to a LL Single-prefer Bi-Female or Couple on a month to month. Screamers are out unless they go somewhere else. Quiet time is after 10pm weekdays and much later on weekends. There are mostly young couples/ singles here and they're pretty cool. I love the idea of walking around naked if we want, watch pornos, fuck(the living room has 2 large couches and my great red recliner), have whomever we want over and enjoy the hedonist lifestyle.
I am sometimes very naive and chidlike which my ex-wife and others find very endearing, but it also can be very dangerous. Would you do this and, if so, what are some legit places to advertise this(don't think could do it on LL but not sure?) Thank You, Mike, "The Blues Connector"



Dear (Anonymous),

You can certainly do this on LL. Just submit on advertisement! Our ad section is very similar to the classifieds in a newspaper, so it's the perfect place to seek this.

Would *I* do this if I was in your situation? Personally, I'd opt out of doing so. But remember, my hypothetical choice is just that- mine. You should make your own decision based on your feelings on this matter.
Here's why I wouldn't choose to do that:
First, it's one thing to get to know someone online and feel that you'd do well living in the same building. Getting along with one another in person, in close proximity and for an extended amount of time is a whole different story. You're treading incredibly close to seeking out an open relationship with another woman. I realize that this isn't quite the term you're looking to apply to this arrangement, but many of the criteria you seek are very similar to the criteria of a casual open relationship.

If you happen to find this elusive person (and make no mistake, what you seek is hard to find), then you have certain considerations to keep in mind. First, you'll need to consider the long-term effects. If this is someone with whom you wish to have an ongoing sexual relationship, how can you ensure that she won't get more attached to you than you'd like?
Women being who we are, often have tendancies to develop *some* kind of attachment, usually emotional, with a man who we sleep with over a long period of time.

Are you willing to deal with that possibility? Trust me, telling her that you don't want that to happen doesn't always mean that your expectations will turn out the way you want.

Or, let's look at the flipside of this. What if she decided that after a short period of time that she isn't that into you anymore? Perhaps she will have a short sexual attention span. After a few times in bed, she may not wish to continue having sex with you. What will you do then?

You CANNOT go into this venture expecting a long-term sexual fling with a roommate. It's fine if it ends up being everything you expected, but you can't count on this.

There could even be a possibility of you two not getting along at all after some time. If your grand vision doesn't pan out, how will you handle that?

From a woman's POV, if this is your vision, I think I can speak for many women in saying that I'd be very hesitant to place myself in this type of situation.
Look at this from all angles and not just the rose-colored glasses or fantasy goggles.

Be realistic and consider every potential pitfall in this before you start seeking it out.

Things in life rarely turn out as we envision.

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