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Question: Venues besides hotel rooms for play

Dear Lounge Advice,

Do you have a suggested alternative to a hotel? Aside from the expense (a decent hotel in PDX is at least $100)it seems somewhat impersonal. However in a situation you may or may not become lifelong friends you are hesitant to invite home. (+ kids or other potential interruptions)I realize this may be a newbie question but that seems to be a logistic hurdle in a fairly complex game. Thanks.



Dear (Anonymous),

There really aren't many viable options other than a hotel room if you're looking for a place outside your home in which to play. In my seven years of doing advice, I've never encountered this question, so I had to do some creative thinking. The only other safe option would be to meet at an on-premis swing club and snag one of their rooms when you're ready to play. If you're hesitant to invite people to your house, there is always a chance that the other couple will open theirs to you.
If you're worried about the impersonal feeling of using a hotel room, may I suggest the following:
Meet at a bar or restaurant beforehand and engage in conversation, drinks and/or dining. If you hit it off, go get that hotel room. The correct etiquette would be that each couple splits the tab, but whoever makes the invite first may want to offer to pay to be courteous.
Usually the other party will offer up money too. So, this is a way to alleviate the cost of pricey rooms.
Back to ambiance (or lack thereof) in a hotel room- You don't have to get 'stuck' with the impersonal feeling of the room. Pack some candles and a little CD player. Play some mood music when you get there and bring a bottle of wine or a mixer to enjoy before leaping into play. Turn on the lamps and soften the light by draping a burgandy cloth over the shade to enhance the lighting of the room, giving it a subtle touch of colored light when you turn the main lights off.
In other words, bring the mood with you and make it happen. Nobody says you have to stick with the sometimes drab feeling of the room. Your personalities, conversation, and method of creating the perfect atmosphere can make a big difference when you want to create that perfect moment for sensuality.

Trust me- This comes from almost 12 years of experience in jazzing up hotel rooms for playtime because I get bored with impersonal surroundings ;)
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