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Question: We have decided to leave the lifestyle, should we also leave the site?

Dear Lounge Advice,

After a lot of thought, time on, time off, my husband and I have decided to leave the lifestyle. My question is this, we have so many friends here on LL, do we have to leave the forum if we are no longer swinging?



Dear (Anonymous),

The only real constant in life that we have found is indeed change. Your wants, needs, desires, dreams, fantasies-and so do a lot of your decisions along the way.

We go through phases just like everyone else. Sometimes we all need a break, and sometimes we just decide to stop.

The friendships along the way stay with you and really your memories are the only things you get to take with you wherever you go.

There is absolutely NO reason that we can see to quit the lounge. Just change your profile to reflect your current state of mind and there is no reason why you cant remain friends and active on the site.

This site is more than a static website. It is a community that has a life of its own and that community is not defined by ones sexual orientation. Its defined by the diversity of its membership. In fact its strength is in the individual choices that the members make for themselves.

You guys are part of this community no matter what you do or don't do sexually. This is one place that you can truely live and let live.

Don't Go !! ( We will miss ya if ya do!)
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