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Question: Tips to better the chances of meeting people

Dear Lounge Advice,

We have been members for a couple of weeks, but are having some difficulty meeting people online. Any suggestions of things we can change on our profile to better our chances? Thanks



Dear (Anonymous),

First, it takes more than a couple of weeks to build the momentum of success.

Some tips:

1) Don't wait for others to contact you. Be proactive and contact those in which you are interested.

2) Consider more face shots as opposed to 'parts' pictures. While I have nothing against your posted public photos, some may want to see more full body or face shots of you to make their decisions. It is often dificult to piece together various body parts to imagine a whole person.

3) Your profile text is great. Keep it that way.

4) The following tip is in no way meant to be personal to you- I like to tell everyone this.
Make sure you are contacting people you think will be mutually attracted to you. Some people start out contacting the perfect hotbods when they may not be see a reciprocal match. Keep your standards high, but don't be unrealistic. I used to drool over the hotbods and expect each of them to want to meet, but it didn't always work that way.

5) Get involved in chat and/or the forums. Often, if you allow your personality to further enhance your good looks, your chances are better.

6) Be patient. This online 'dance' takes a while. Sometimes we go months without any success, but there are times when we're overwhelmed with potential dates. Be persistant and remember that not everyone is able to answer right away. Some people just need a little nudge and some time. Real life can be a bitch for many of us at times and get in the way of our online matchmaking time.

7) Get out to events. Don't rely on internet meetings to determine your dates. Get out there and meet people at clubs and parties.

8) You are a soft swap couple. This in and of itself makes it more dificult no matter what site you are on. The majority of swingers are full-swap, so your chances are not as promising as they would be if you were full swap. But as I've stressed before, be persistant and you will find what you seek!
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