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Question: Starting a successful swing club

Dear Lounge Advice,

My hubby and I are wild crazies who have been in the lifestlye for a while now. We are very much in love with each other and the lifestyle and for a while now we have had a dream of starting our own lifestyle club. We have the perfect place in mind, its big with lots of luxuries and parking.... and we have so many fun ideas

Our only question is, how would we go about getting people to attend?? We made one attempt before but not too many couples confirmed so we canceled.. what do you think would be a good stategy??




Dear (Anonymous),

Like any business, it has a lot to do with advertising and word of mouth. You can do amazing things with a venue, but if it isn't heavily advertised, it will go nowhere.
Partner up with websites and put the word out. Advertising means that you have to be repetitive. People can hear things once and allow it to slip from their minds. After many repititions, ideas and info start to stick and form permanence in people's minds. Remember too that businesses take time to build. You can't expect instant success. It builds over time with your efforts and perserverance.
It's all about hyping up your ideas and making a hard sell.
Just implement great strategies that any business would employ, and you will start out on a strong foot.
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