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Question: Is size really a factor between couples looking for erotic adventure?

Dear Lounge Advice,

We are researching this aspect of our lives, and are very excited about it. The only thing lacking is some confidence. In an unexcited state I consider myself small in that region, but excited I as her seem pleased. So I guess my question is, are there others in same boat when they attend gatherings? Is size really a factor between couples looking for erotic adventure?

Yours truely,



Dear (Anonymous),

We are sure that it is very normal to have all kinds of anxieties but what you will find is that those things are not really important.

One of the things that causes a lot of performance axiety is that people think that since lifestyler's engage in sex with other that they are all sexual experts and masters... although we love to wear that badge... you will find people of all sizes, lengths, and proficiecies.

If size is a concern of yours we would suggest you read the various threads in the "Forum" section on size and you will be comforted by the various answers that the members give to that question.

If you see profiles that say the women is looking for "large" men... then skip over them....LOL

Here is some good advice... dont do so much research.. there is such a thing as too much information... go and observe.. no one says you have to "do anything" and you will feel more and more comfortable.

This is all supposed to be about having fun and pleasing each other... if you are able to please your wife... what makes you think you will not be able to please anyone else?

Hope that helps !
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