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Question: Hair removal options

Dear Lounge Advice,

Ok, so I'm a newbie SF & I've noticed a lot of members (both sexes) are clean shaven or waxed. Is this now the overwhelming preference? How do I go about finding a service for this, or do you recommmend shaving yourself.

I'd also appreciate any add'l. info. re: the smoothing of groin skin (shaver's bumps). what to expect, etc.!

being fresh on the market, I want to put my best pussy forward! I'm a regenerated virgineer & can't wait to free all my sexual desires!




Dear (Anonymous),

LOL! Love your wording.

Yes, clean-shaven is the majority's preference in the LS.

Now, your type of skin determines how it will react to different treatments. Personally, I shave myself. I use a clean razor every time I do a fresh shave to avoid razor bumps. With clean razors, be careful not to cut yourself (been there, done that OWIE!)

Get yourself a mirror so you can see all of the nooks and crannies while grooming. To minimize the effect of razor burn afterward, "Bikini Zone" is a great product to apply after getting out of the shower. It stings like hell, but it works to ward off unsightly bumpies.

Also, if you plan on the "Do It Yourself" route, do NOT run over and over the same area with the razor. This irritates the skin and leads to ugly red rashes and bleeding. To be perfectly honest, the best shaves I give myself come from letting the hair grow in for 2-3 days. After a little growth is there, the ensuing shave leaves my goodies extra smooth. I find that shaving every day irritates my skin more. So, if you're not planning on having sex every day, this is a good practice.

I have never had it done professionally, but waxing is another option. I've heard that it can be expensive and painful, but after a few treatments, hairs grow back finer.

The best treatment is laser removel. The drawback to this is the price, of course. But, for those who can afford it, it's great. I've gone down on a couple of women who have had laser removal, and it's unbelievably soft!

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