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Question: Wanting a FMF- As a single female, how do I arrange it?

Dear Lounge Advice,

This is my first time trying to experiement with a threesome. I'm a married 34 year old female teacher who is going out of town on business in a couple of weeks and really wanted to meet a couple to share an experience with. I have no idea where to go so I found this website very helpful. How do I meet someone in that length of time and plan a date that I know if safe? Or do I just go to a lounge by myself and just see how it goes? I really want this to happen, but I want it to be with a couple that will understand this is my first time but also have fun with me while I stay safe in the process.



Dear (Anonymous),

Hello fellow teacher ;)

You're smart to place your safety first. That being said, going to a lounge to see what happens is probably not the best approach.
Find couples on here that intrigue you. Contact them and express your desires.
You are the elusive single female, which many couple seek. You have the upper hand, and you should use it. Be selective and protective of yourself. Always keep in mind that YOU are what so many seek, so you can afford to control the course of events.
It's relatively easy to arrange a date with a couple if you are a single female. Since you have the control, seek out your interests quickly and engage in communication. Get on the phone with the couple to get a feel for them. If you like what you see and hear, then arrange the date.

Be sure to let them know that you're new to this, and set your terms. If you want to control the action, let them know. If you prefer to allow them to 'teach' you, then tell them that as well. If they come across as the aggressive types, then you decide if you are comfy with that.

You're usually much safer meeting a couple in the lifestyle than some random man for a casual encounter. Use your intuition and read the signs.

You'll probably have a great time- Just take the lead and make it happen for yourself.

On another note- I know you didn't ask about this, but hopefully this arrangement isn't a deception to your husband. If others know that he is unaware, they may be more hesitatnt to get involved with this.
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