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Question: Is he cheating on me?

Dear Lounge Advice,

We fairly new to this whole thing and are very excited to get use into everything, however my husband leaves me doubting things lately. We have been together for a long time and over the last few years I have caught him texting other women, one of which he bought under garments for but swears that nothing every happened. It stopped for a while, however for the past month has been texting a woman that he works with constantly during the day, should I be concerned. I find it weird that nothing is going on between them when they only text during the day while they are work...I feel like he maybe cheating with her, should I be concerned or do I just have an over active mind?



Dear (Anonymous),

Yes. You should be concerned.

Yes, he is probably cheating on you. Doesn't all of the evidence steer your gut feeling toward this? If it doesn't, you may be acting very naievely. If he is buying underharments for her, then wake up!n This is NOT an innocent act. Don't you realize this?
Even if he isn't cheating physically, he's probably cheating emotionaly, and this can lead to more. This is even worse than physical deception, IMO.

Confront him and take no crap or lame excuses.
You deserve an explanation and you need to assert yourself.

Let him know that if he plans on continuing this,he can be a single male.
By the way, in the meantime, get the hell out of the lifestyle. You do not belong here if these kinds of issues plague you.
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