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Question: Single male NOT like his pictures at all

Dear Lounge Advice,
I recently meet with a SM that I had been chatting with for a few months. He was very nice on chat and we really seemed to click, he is new to LL and had not been real sealed. I offered to meet him in a public place and have lunch, thats it nothing more. So we had swapped pictures a couple times so I thought I new what he looked like. Now I get that people looks change a little day to day, but the SM that showed up looked nothing like his picture, his stats were completely wrong he as about 3 inches shorter and a good 50-60 pounds heavier. I feel like he put me in a bad situation that I now have to gracefully get out of. I really want to tell him to update his profile and be honest. How do I do this with out coming off as mean??
Confussed and Angery



Dear (Anonymous),

Just tell him.

This is a form of deception, and if you dont' speak up to him about it, others will have to go through the same thing you did. That's not fair. He can't continue doing the 'ol bait and switch, or he will quickly earn a poor reputation. As a single male, he cannot afford that. So, go with that angle.

Try to 'help' him see that you don't want him to end up getting nowhere in the LS if he continues to do this. I wouldn't worry about hurting his feelings since he already knowingly deceived you.
If he gets a burr up his butt because you said this to him, wish him luck and block his ass.
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