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Question: Squirting concerns

Dear Lounge Advice,
We've been with a couple a few times and they are both VERY into her squirting. At first we thought it was cool, but the other night it was as if they wouldn't or couldn't stop going for the squirt. We sat there and watched for about 15 minutes and counted seven squirts (and ran for new towels at least twice). They would've kept going but we politely told them we were getting tired (and we were worried about the state of our bed). How do we tell them this is getting to be a turn-off for us? We're wondering if we're just not compatible partners because of this? She can't have an orgasm anymore without squirting, so it's not like we can ask them to stop!
--Tired of doing the laundry



Dear (Anonymous),

Well, perhaps the first step would be to inject some humor into it to avoid awkwardness.

Joke around about how much laundry you have to do afterwards.

Ask HER what she does to avoid doing so much laundry due to soiled linens. Perhaps with aq bit of gentle humor, she might come to understand your frustrations.

I used to attend a HUGE weekly house party- One time I asked the host why their was a plastic kiddie pool in their living room. He said that they had a favorite sexual partner that soaked all of their bedsheets, so they relegated her to the pool. They had such a great relationship with her that she took it in stride and actually used the pool to squirt in.

In short, it's not necessary to approach this in a serious manner. Try this approach to see if it works.
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