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Question: House party invite

Dear Lounge Advice,
My husband and I are relatively new to LS and have been invited to a house party by close friends who are very experienced.

They have had to "vouch" for us to the party hosts. This feels awkward to me. We are both mellow, respectful people who do a good job of taking care of ourselves with tact and grace. Is there house party etiquette that we should know about? Should we even go? It's clearly not a newbie party...

Thanks for the advice!



Dear (Anonymous),

Don't worry about this situation. The ettiquette situation is completely on your friends. You see, when anyone is invited to a private hourse party, the proper decorum is for them to make sure it's okay with the host if they bring someone.
This is only because the host is inviting people into their private residence, and hosting something that is taboo. They must be cautious about who they invite because indiscriminate attendees could get them into trouble.

So again, don't worry about this. As long as your friends vouched for you, everything was done correctly.
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