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Question: Wheelchair/Walker- Will we be accepted?

Dear Lounge Advice,my wife and i are new to the site and have only fantasized and gotten very horny after reading some very hot profiles.My wife has a condition that limits her mobility and is either in a wheel chair or a walker.We both wonder how we would be accepted in the lifestyle circle. By the way my wife is very hot and gives the best blow jobs i have ever had. How do we approach this issue when contacting other couples?



Dear (Anonymous),

I will give my very honest opinion based on some experiences similar to yours in the lifestyle. Some people will inevitably be hesitant about playing merely because they wouldn't know how to conduct themselves with her. Some will be afraid to hurt her. Some will feel that they coldn't enjoy the full experience for fear of this. Some just won't know what to do, being that it will be a novel sitation.
Will you be accepted socially- without a doubt. But will you have to overcome some misconceptions or confusion? Yes.
First, you will want to explain the full range of her sexual capabilities in your profile. This will dispel some hesitations/questions right from the outset. Be open to questions and be ready to answer the ones that make your comfortable.
I once knew a very desirable woman who *looked* frail and used a cane for mobility, making me hesitant to be with her. I tend to get rather wild in bed, and felt that I might hurt her. Come to find out, she could get down with the best of us.
So, just be upfront with people and keep them informed.
Approach it with truth.
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