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Question: Photos depicting those who potentially don't know they'll be posted on a LS site

Dear Lounge Advice, the other night i seen a event that was at a bar i go to every time i get home . it was a meet and great ok,not allot of people singed up .ok this bar is small the tipe evry body knows who you are . so i was shock the host pick this place ? i went to his profile to see if i knew him .well i got the shock of my life when there were pics there of him and one lady and a few others i knew from the place .

ok i dont know all there pref. on the life style. but i still think atleast she mite like being told were i saw her .

so please robyn can you give us the proper does and don,ts of posting pics, so this mite not happen to some else .cause that person just not like being acused of being in the life style like the rest of us !!!!!

p.s. love this advice page keep it up you rock




Dear (Anonymous),

Okay, if I'm interpreting this properly, you're saying that the Meet and Greet was held in your typical 'Cheers' type joint, with the local regulars and whatnot. The regulars ended up in the pictures and you're not sure that they are aware of where the pics their faces are being posted (i.e. swing sites)

IF I'm interpreting this properly, here's my opinion on this. If indeed the regular crowd isn't aware that they are being featured in pictures that are posted on sites like this, then that IS a problem. She may know that this is happening, but more than likely, she may not. In any case, I would inform her and make sure that she is okay with this.

BUT, this also entails you putting your own butt out on the line. Are you okay letting her know that you're here and that's why you saw her?

If so, then tell her. She has the right to know. If she's not cool with that, let one of the admins know and we will take care of the photos in question.
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