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Question: Lack if interest thus far

Dear Lounge Advice,
We are new to the website and I was wondering if something wrong with our profile. We don't have any face pictures, can this be the problem? I can see that we have been looked at over 200 times, but got only few couple interested in our profile. Thank you



Dear (Anonymous),

Here's a copy of advice that I gave to a couple with this exact question recently. I think it applies perfectly to you as well.

Have you followed up with those who wishlisted you? Sometimes wishlisting can be a passive aggressive way for some people to show their interest. Follow up and show your interest to get the ball rolling.

Try putting face photos in your private areas and only allow access to those you are interested in. You can always remove this access after they have seen them if you aren worried about doing this.

Alswo, do you wait for the e-mails, or do you take the initiative to reach out and do the contacting. Waiting for contact won't get you anywhere. You need to make the first move to increase your chances.

One last thing- Your profile text is sparse. You may want to consider beefing it up just a bit more.

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