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Question: Pre-party tanning fix

Need a last minute tanning fix before a big party without getting streaks, orange tints, or funky body odor from scented lotions?

Read on for some tips!



Dear (Anonymous),

While it's tempting to go to the tanning salon and cook yourself for the full time the day of the big party you're attending, it may not turn out as you expected.

If you're a tanning bed connosuier, go ahead. But to avoid frying yourself and looking like a lobster, do this instead:

1) Go to the salon and use a bronzer, but only opt for half or 3/4 of the time in the bed. This will ensure that you don't burn. Not many outfits or colors can offset lobster red. If you are new to tanning, ask the clerk for advice. Your skin needs to get accustomed gradually to tanning beds. The first few sessions only require a few minutes to ensure that your skin doesn't react poorly. Even if you're a first timer, you can still get a nice glow for tonight's party. Keep reading.

2) I found a great new product on the market called Tan Towels. Go to www.tantowel.com to check them out. They look like oversized wet wipes. No odor, no color- just moist little towels that you rub on your face and body. You start to see your skin darken almost immediately. These are great to use right after getting out of the shower after you use the tanning bed. I buy mine from EBay, since I can usually get them cheaper on auction. It takes two Tan Towels to do my entire body, and it takes my husband three. That should offer you some perspective. Be sure to wash your hands well after using these to avoid monkey paws.

3) Finish up with a moisturizer to lock in the tan towels pigments. This is where I finish out my tanning 'threesome' for an amazing pre-part bronze. Use Jergens Daily Glow or a similar tinted moisturizer to add that extra pizzaz to your tan. Ladies, the lotions with the gold color are great for a little shimmer. Guys, opt for the moisturizers that are white or beige.

With these three things at hand, a last minute tan is possible. If you are not a fan of tanning beds, lounge outside for a half hour, or just do step 2 and 3.

I've found that this technique is perfect when I don't have the time to keep up my summer color.
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