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Question: No luck- Is this due to race?

Dear Lounge Advice,
We're a black couple that looks as good as almost anyone our age, and even better than some younger. We have what we think any reasonable person would say is a very decent profile. Yet, we've been totally IGNORED in most emails, booty call answers, the forums, clubs and even parties...far to many times to recall. We've been lied to by party hosts that invited us, that there would be no after party event, only to learn from other guests where the after party was being held. People look at our pics but absolutely no one comments, while we see people from all across the country commenting on untold numbers people's pics. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but our pics can't be that bad. We've tried very hard not to think that a hell of a lot of people on LL are racially prejudiced, but we're having a very hard time explaining it in any other rational way. While we have met a few great people who happen to not be black, that has proven by far to be the exception. We've been out of the LL seen for almost 4 years because of this, and now that we're back it's the same thing all over again. We're just wondering...should we just ignore all non blacks that don't have pics of blacks in their pics, and/or who don't contact us? Should we presume that non blacks, more likely than not, don't want to associate with blacks? As I've read in so many posts on this subject, we should "move on". We just wanted know if anyone understands why, we've all but come to the conclusion, to "move on" from non blacks.



Dear (Anonymous),

I say, if you're not having luck on one site, try your hand at another to see if the results are different.

I'm not sure where you live, but that also play a huge part in your success on LL.

We live in North Texas, and there are very few people here in our area. We have been on the site for many years, and have never had a Booty Call answered, and have minimal luck finding people in our area.
Consider regional effects.
Don't assume that it's all racial. Some people may prefer to play with certain races, but I can bet that this isn't the whole reason you're not having a lot of luck.
Try another site to see if your luck improves, then you can gauge it from there.
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