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Question: Getting rid of the past

Dear Lounge Advice,
I am deeply in love with my boyfriend and I know he loves me too. But he has trouble with getting rid off his exs stuff and he keeps all her emails and nude pictures and naughty vidoes. Mind you I don't mind if he has regular pictures of them and he keeps special cards. I told him that it bothers me and that he needs to move on and get rid off atleast the emails. He said he had but he really just moved it to a new account. I don't know what to do or feel about this. I know he needs time to heal from his divorce but in the same time he is hurting me. Or should I just forget it and give him his space?
Sincerly love this man.



Dear (Anonymous),

He needs to prioritize.

THOSE things go, or you go.

Simply, he's not over his ex (or his ex's openness) if he holds onto these things. If he keeps these things, it probably validates his "manliness" if he has these things she did for him.

If he isn't willing to let these go, he can't let go of her.

THOSE things go, or you go.
If given that ultimatum, you will see where his priorities lie. It will hurt to go through with, but you need to ascertain the situation.

May I suggest something? If he feels more validated as a wanted man, why not branch out for him and take nudies and make saucy vidoes.

Outdo his ex and see that his focus is on your sexual talents. Tis better to outdo a foe than to give into their legacy.
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