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Question: Starting Out

Dear Lounge Advice, We are new to the life and are having a difficult time meeting people. We went to a couple of clubs. One was real slow that night and the other one seemed like mostly real young couples. It also seems like the women are more active, the men just kind of sit around. We don't really know the proper actions there. Like is it ok for men to approach the women? We learned some things but really want to start meeting people..She wants to somehow post a message to ask couples to meet us at a local spot for drinks and maybe dinner. If it ends up a group, even better, more people. more fun....We just are not sure how to get it all started. I have sent a few emails and only two replies. Open to any and all suggestions. Thanks L.



Dear (Anonymous),

Try the Booty Call feature first. You'll want to state your intentions briefly on the BC. See if you get some hits that way. Don't give up on the clubs, either. These clubs tend to have "off nights" and "on nights".

Don't get discouraged if you find a few bad nights. There will always be a good night mixed in there too. Regardless of the how the night plays out, just plan on having a good time and being okay with going home with each other. If anything else occurs, it's a bonus ;)

It is better etiquette for a man to approach the woman's partner first. Guys approaching women first is usually frowned upon, so make nice with hubby first, thend focus on the wife. It's better for the female to approach the female first.
If you need more info on club etiquette, visit the advice archives, then get back to me if you have any more specific questions.

This is just a sign of respect for both partners.
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